Small Grants Program

The Small grants program aims to improve the lives of people with an acquired brain injury (ABI) or spinal cord injury (SCI), by offering grants of up to $50,000 to innovative user-led projects in the community.

Projects that are focussed on improving the lives and independence of people with an ABI or SCI can apply for a share in $250,000.

The program is designed to encourage projects that help TAC clients to get their lives back on track and allowing them to live independently, increase their quality of life, attain life goals and become active members of their community.

What funding is available?

The TAC invites applications of up to $50,000.

Please direct all enquiries to the Small Grants Coordinator via email.

When are the grants available?

Grants open – 28th of January 2020

Grants close – 2pm on March 16th 2020

How to apply?

Applications are submitted and managed online through SmartyGrants, a grants management platform.

Please submit your application here.

Who can apply for funding?

Selection criteria are located in the Small Grants Guidelines:

TAC Small Grants Guidelines 2020 PDF, 0.59MB

TAC Small Grants Guidelines 2020 DOCX, 1.21MB

The Small Grants Program funds Victorian community-based projects conducted by the following types of organisations and individuals:

  • Not for profit incorporated community organisations and advocacy organisations
  • Organisations registered with the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations under the Corporations Act
  • Local government authorities
  • Universities
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Victorian state government departments or authorities
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Companies limited by shares
  • Individuals who hold an Australian Business Number (ABN)

Previously funded projects

Recent projects include:

  • Aubot - The development of usage guides for a telepresence robot allowing people with ABI or SCI to attend school or work remotely ($50,000).
  • AQA Peer Health Coaching - A trial of a pilot, phone based, peer-health-coaching service to link health professionals with resources to care for people with SCI ($48,000).
  • Guides Dogs Victoria - An app supporting people living with an ABI or SCI to communicate, store information and information on therapy tasks ($48,846).
  • Institute for Breathing and Sleep - A peer-led series of videos promoting treatments for obstructive sleep apnea in people with for tetraplegia ($49,600).
  • Inclusion Melbourne - Further development of the I Can Vote website to create resources for people with an ABI supporting them to make informed choices when voting ($20,414).
  • Summer Foundation - Prototyping rapid-deployment accessible housing for people with a newly acquired ABI/SCI enabling their return to the community ($47,000).

Approved applications for 2013, 2014 and 2015 can be reviewed on the approved projects page.

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