Case studies

Moonee Valley City Council, Get On Ya Bike Program

Funding awarded: $14,117

What was the grant for?

The Moonee Valley City Council was awarded a grant to deliver a youth bicycle road safety project called Get On Ya Bike to address local concerns about the safety of students on their travels to and from school.

Get on Ya Bike targeted students aged 12-13 years old and used interactive and hands on activities to teach students about road rules and how to ride or walk to school safely.

Why we supported Get On Ya Bike

The Moonee Valley Council demonstrated a strong need for the project and clearly outlined how it would educate students to improve road safety in their local community.

The project was community-focused, partnered with local community groups and organisations and addressed specific local road safety issues.

The outcome

The Moonee Valley Council delivered four sessions of Get On Ya Bike to Essendon Keilor College.

Students improved their bike skills and were educated on things such as how to fit a helmet correctly, selecting the right bike size, using gears, safe signalling, head checks and riding safely with others.

Students have been able to apply these practical skills to be safe and more vigilant on their commute to and from school.

Gippsland Motorcycle Club, Mentoring Pilot Program

Funding awarded: $28,850

What was the grant for?

The Gippsland Motorcycle Club was awarded a grant to pilot a mentor program to support newly licensed and returning riders to gain or improve their skills.

The program will deliver 100 mentoring sessions and be introduced to the wider motorcycling community. It will allow participants to improve road safety knowledge, while changing attitudes and behaviours towards riding on high risk motorcyclist routes across Gippsland.

Why we supported the Gippsland Motorcycle Club, Mentoring Pilot Program

In Gippsland 25 per cent of all deaths and serious injuries involve motorcyclists and motorcyclist trauma is almost 50% higher than the state’s average.

The pilot program was supported by the local community and clearly aligned to Towards Zero Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2020. The program is a great platform to promote safer riding behaviours while enjoying motorcycle riding and learning new skills. This program is designed ‘for riders, by riders’.

The outcome

At the end of the program riders will be able to identify risks on the roads including other road users, ride to the conditions, have greater familiarisation with the motorcycle they ride, and will know the importance of being visible and wearing appropriate protective gear.

Wyndam City Council, Road Safety Strategy

Funding awarded: $25,000

What was the grant for?

The Wyndham Shire Council was awared a grant to develop a Road Saftey Strategy to ensure safe travels for the local community and visitors.

Why we supported the Wyndam City Council

Whyndham is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Victoria which means a siginificant increase in cars, pedestrians and cyclists on the road network.

The strategy aimed to identify what actions need to be taken to improve the safety of all road users in the Wyndham community.

The TAC supported this project as it has the potential to have a wide spread impact on all road users within a high growth area.

The outcome

The strategy will inform the necessary actions required to make improvements to road safety in the Wyndham community.

Alpine Shire, Cycle Safe Strategy

Funding awarded: $25,000

What was the grant for?

The Alpine Shire was awared a grant to develop a Cycle Safe Strategy.

Why we supported the Alpine Shire

The Shire was able to demonstrated a strong need for this project with evidence showing cycling tourism had grown significantly in the last 5 years and the trend was forecast to continue. The project showed good engagement with all road user groups within the local community.

The outcome

The strategy has been keenly adopted and has enabled the Shire to identify opportunities for infrastructure improvements and education opportunities that will increase the safety of all road users.

Rosebud Toy Library, Pre School Road Safety Project

Funding awarded: $3,600

What was the grant for?

The Rosebud Toy Library was awared a grant to implement a pre school road safety project. This project aims to provide local families and childcare educators with resources to help teach young children about road safety.

Why we supported the Rosebud Toy Library

The project provides an opportunity to engage with pre-school aged children who are not currently engaged in formalised road safety programs.Families and children will be provided with resources to learn about road safety through fun and play.

The outcome

It is anticipated this project will allow over 1200 children from the surrounding community access to the resources via the Toy Library.

Local families are expected to become more confident when walking and riding in their local community.

Operation Newstart, Safe Cycling Educatiom Program

Funding awarded: $14,000

What was the grant for?

Operation Newstart was awarded a grant to develop a Safe Cycling Education Program. The program will train secondary school students from four local government areas to become Bike Ed trainers and they will go on to run sessions for newly arrived children from English language schools in Collingwood and Broadmeadows.

Why we supported the Rosebud Toy Library

The program showed evidence of strong community partnerships, a good project plan and alignment to the Towards Zero Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2020.

The outcome

32 students from multiple secondary schools and English language schools in the Northern Metropolitan region will be educated in bike safety, riding skills and awareness. Participants are expected to feel more confident knowing how and where they can ride safely.

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