Claims management during COVID-19

How is the TAC responding to the coronavirus situation?

We are closely monitoring the rapidly changing COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation and taking the necessary steps to prepare for any potential impact to our clients, their providers and our staff.

As a precautionary measure, many of our staff are working remotely.

To help reduce the risk of infection and slow the spread of coronavirus in Victoria, the TAC is following advice from the Department of Health.

This means that until further notice TAC staff will not meet with TAC clients in person. We will use other appropriate channels to maintain contact and give our clients the ongoing support they need.

We also have business continuity plans in place to ensure that we can continue to support our clients and providers, regardless of where our staff are working.

We continue to work with government, health agencies and our providers to make sure our clients receive the care they need with minimal disruption.

Will the TAC tell other service providers my COVID-19 status?

The TAC is required to work within privacy laws. This means if a service provider asks the TAC for your COVID-19 status the TAC has to follow strict processes which may or may not allow the TAC to tell service providers this information. The TAC encourages clients to talk to all of their providers about their COVID-19 status to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all clients and service providers.

I’ve sent a message through the website or myTAC – how long will it take for someone to get back to me?

We will respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible, however you may experience delays. At this stage it is not possible to say exactly how long it will take to respond to messages.

It will help us respond more quickly if you can minimise repeat messages about the same enquiry.

We appreciate your patience in these challenging times.

Will the TAC still do face-to-face meetings?

To help reduce the risk of infection and slow the spread of the coronavirus in Victoria, we are following advice from the Department of Health.

Unfortunately, this means that until further notice we are unable to meet with any of our clients in person. If this relates to you, your case manager will be in touch to discuss ways we will be keeping in touch to ensure you get the support you need.