I’m worried that equipment supplies or hygiene products might run out – what can I do?

We encourage you to maintain supplies of the items you need to manage your health and injuries. However, please be mindful of others and do not stockpile items more than you need to.

You can talk to your providers and equipment suppliers about ordering what you need and whether there are any supply issues.

Will the TAC fund items such as face masks, thermometers or Rapid Antigen Tests (RATS)?

The TAC is only able to fund items directly related to your transport accident. This does not include items such as face masks, thermometers or Rapid Antigen Tests.

Will the TAC pay for a gym membership if I received home gym equipment?

The purchase of home gym equipment was considered in some cases as a temporary measure during COVID-related gym closures. If a client had a TAC-funded gym membership for 12 months or more due to a transport accident, the TAC considered paying for equipment in place of the client’s usual gym membership. The client’s provider needed to ensure the request was clinically justified and other home exercise options were not suitable.

Equipment purchases were approved with the understanding that the client would not be able to have a TAC-funded gym membership when gyms reopened.