I’m worried that equipment supplies or hygiene products might run out – what can I do?

We encourage you to maintain supplies of the items you need to manage your health and injuries. However, please be mindful of others and do not stockpile items more than you need to.

You can talk to your providers and equipment suppliers about ordering what you need and whether there are any supply issues.

Will the TAC fund items such as face masks and thermometers?

You are encouraged to regularly review and follow DHHS advice on responding to COVID-19. The TAC is only able to fund items directly related to your transport accident.

Because of COVID-related gym closures, can the TAC buy me exercise equipment so I can do my exercise at home instead?

Maybe. To be considered for this you must already have a TAC funded gym membership for 12 months or more. You need to talk to your health care provider about this and they should talk to you about other options of using things around the house as a temporary measure until the threat of COVID-19 passes and you can resume your gym membership.

  • There will need to be a clinical reason for the equipment, be recommended by a treatment provider and approved by the TAC before the equipment can be purchased/hired.
  • If home gym equipment is purchased, you may no longer be able to have a TAC funded gym membership when gyms re-open.