Income support during COVID-19

Will my JobKeeper payments impact my TAC income payments?

This will depend on your individual circumstances and what type of income benefit you are receiving from the TAC.

If you receive a JobKeeper payment, you should notify the TAC as soon as possible. We will then assess your income benefit and let you know if there are any changes.

UPDATED: Is there income support available from the TAC if I lose my job or am asked to take unpaid leave?

Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

The income support you may be eligible for will depend on a range of factors including (but not limited to):

  • the type of support you can get from your employer
  • your capacity to work, and
  • whether the need to stop working is related to your accident injuries.

UPDATED: Can I receive government support and TAC income support at the same time?

Yes you can, however the benefits you are eligible for will depend on your individual circumstances.

If your employment has been impacted by COVID-19, you should contact Centrelink as soon as possible to determine your eligibility for any available benefits. If eligible, your payments are likely to be backdated to the date of your Centrelink claim so the sooner you apply, the sooner you may receive benefits.

You must notify Centrelink if you are receiving Centrelink benefits and TAC income support at the same time. This will help you avoid a Centrelink debt.

Some helpful links for COVID-19 government supports are listed below:

Federal Government support:

Victorian Government support:

What should I do if my certificate of capacity is about to expire?

To consider paying ongoing LOE or LOEC benefits, we will require an updated certificate of capacity if you have a reduced capacity to work due to your accident injuries.

Please contact your GP or physician to discuss your current situation and capacity for work.

If you are unable to attend your GP in person, you can ask if they will offer a telehealth appointment.

Due to the coronavirus situation, the TAC will fund temporary telehealth items for services provided by medical specialists, such as GPs, consulting physicians and psychiatrists. Payment will be made at the MBS rate.

If you require a brief extension to the due date of your certificate of capacity, please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.