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These short videos have been developed to help answer some common questions you might have about the TAC.

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What is the TAC

The TAC is the Victorian no-fault accident compensation scheme, which means when you register your vehicle within Victoria, you take out insurance which covers you in case you're injured in a transport accident

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whats is the difference between TAC and Vicroads

Here we outline the differences between VicRoads and the TAC and what services each organisation provides Victorians.

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what happens after you make a claim

Senior Claims Advisor Matthew explains what happens after a TAC claim is accepted.

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What Does The Tac Spend Its Money On

TAC Claims Advisor Jackie talks about where the TAC's funds are spent.

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How Do I Make A Claim

Paige, Sponsorship Assistant, takes you through the process of making a claim.

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Why Such Controversial Ad

Marketing Project Manager, Cherie, gives some insight into how the TAC makes advertising campaigns and why the TAC uses emotion to get the road safety message across.

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What’s the biggest road safety issue in Victoria at the moment

Robert Hill, Assistant Commissioner Road Policing, outlines the five major road safety issues facing Victorians at the moment.

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What does the TAC cover

Margie, Claims Team Manager, explains what services and benefits the TAC might be able to pay if you were injured in a transport accident

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Can I get income support

Support Coordinator, Tim, explains what support is available if you can't work after being injured in a transport accident.

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