Community partnerships

At the TAC we enter into partnerships with organisations that reflect our values and engage with our target markets in meaningful ways.

The TAC's Community Partnerships program is designed to support community and economic development, particularly at a local level. 

Community relationships that enable the TAC to support significant community projects and the goal of remaining a significant corporate citizen are preferred. 

Community Partnerships can be used to: 

  • Build community relationships that will assist the TAC to support community and economic development at the local level 
  • Support community and economic development across a diverse cross section of the community, including arts, sports, health, charitable needs and community awareness; and/or 
  • Provide TAC employees with volunteering and philanthropic opportunities. 

Programs that will be funded

All partnerships must be capable of achieving at least one of the above listed objectives with a strong preference for those community partnerships that are capable of achieving significant, measurable results, rather than the simple exposure of a message. 

New community partnerships will be considered on their merits, according to their ability to provide opportunities not met by current TAC programs. 

There must be evidence that the organisation seeking to form a community partnership with the TAC is capable of and willing to deliver full activation in cooperation with the TAC's Corporate Affairs team. 

Selection criteria 

To ensure that the TAC's partnerships deliver maximum benefits for the TAC, the following criteria must be met: 

  • Have a demonstrable link to the TAC's objectives 
  • Alignment with the TAC's values, cultural and organisational objectives 
  • Have a significant audience (live and/or via media coverage) consistent with one or more of the TAC's target markets 
  • Have a strategic plan to implement the program proposed and assist the TAC to achieve its objectives efficiently and effectively 
  • Present limited and manageable exposure to any financial or reputational risk 
  • Ideally provide ongoing, year-round benefits rather than one-off events 
  • The ability to measure (or assist the TAC to measure) the effectiveness of the partnership through market research, target audience engagement and message take out 
  • Offer value for money given other comparable investments across the sponsorship/partnership marketplace. 

The TAC does not partner 

  • Individuals or unincorporated organisations 
  • Direct client services 
  • Seed funding, or commissioning of third party commercial activity 
  • Infrastructure costs e.g. staffing or equipment, capital works or building projects, aid and equipment, travel and transport and on-going administrative costs 
  • Political and religious organisations, direct gambling, gaming or betting events, organisations linked to tobacco, illegal drugs or alcohol 
  • Events where there are so many partners that the TAC's message may easily be lost. 

Application criteria 

When assessing a partnership application, the TAC will consider the overall benefits as well as how closely its business objectives can be met. 

The following should be provided to ensure applications are considered: 

  • Objectives and key values of the organisation requesting partnership 
  • Details about the length of time your organisation has been in operation, history and long-term goals 
  • A clearly defined target audience and expected numbers of participants or people who will be reached through the proposed partnership program 
  • Details of expected outcomes of the project and activity plans 
  • Details of how your program will add value to the TAC's objectives 
  • Details of how you plan to launch, advertise and promote your event/program 
  • Duration of the proposed program (start and finish dates) 
  • Implementation timelines and locations of activities 
  • Evaluation method for measuring the impact and success of the partnership 
  • Value of support required for the partnership including leverage funds (and what the funds will predominantly be used for) 
  • A full list of your current or previous partners (if any) 
  • Details of how your organisation will manage the partnership 
  • Your contact details.

How to submit your application 

The TAC appreciates the time, energy and cost involved in preparing and submitting a Community Partnership Opportunities proposal. 

If you believe your proposal meets the above objectives and criteria send your proposal to: 

Sponsorship Manager
Transport Accident Commission
60 Brougham Street

or email and attention it to the Sponsorship Manager

The TAC will endeavour to advise you within six weeks of receipt of your proposal on the status of your application.