Strategic partnerships

Under the Transport Accident Act 1986, the TAC has a responsibility "to ensure the transport accident scheme emphasises accident prevention and effective rehabilitation."

In order to meet the TAC's goal of reducing road trauma in Victoria and increasing the opportunities for people living with a disability, a multi-faceted marketing and communications strategy has been developed.

An important part of this strategy is to partner with organisations with similar goals and values to either strengthen the impact of road safety messages or raise the profile of people living with a disability within the community.

The TAC enters into partnerships that provide a sustainable benefit to both local communities and the broader Victorian community.

The type of programs, organisations and events the TAC supports across the state are diverse but all have an important common ingredient - they all provide valuable opportunities to connect with key target groups beyond traditional advertising.

For instance, learner drivers are encouraged to increase their on-road driving experience through the TAC Cup and the TAC's partnership with Independence Australia promotes participation and inclusion for people living with a spinal cord injury.