Application requirements

When assessing a partnership application, the TAC will consider the overall benefits to the Victorian community as well as how closely our business objectives can be met.

The following is a list of what must be provided to ensure your application will be considered:

  • Objectives and key values of the organisation requesting partnership
  • Details about the length of time your organisation has been in operation, history and long-term goals
  • A clearly defined target audience and expected numbers of  participants or people who will be reached through the proposed partnership program
  • Detailed expected outcomes of the project and activity plans
  • Details of how your proposed program will add value to the TAC's objectives (including benefits and marketing opportunities for the TAC)
  • Details of how you plan to launch, advertise and promote your event/program
  • Duration of the proposed program (including start and finish dates)
  • Implementation timelines and locations of activities
  • Evaluation method for measuring the impact and success of the partnership
  • Evaluation method for measuring changes in attitudes and behaviour specifying expected outcomes as a result of the program
  • Experience and credentials of the applicant
  • Value of support required for the partnership including leverage funds (and what the funds will predominantly be used for)
  • A full list of your current or previous sponsorship partners (if any)
  • Details of how your organisation will manage the partnership
  • Your contact details.