To ensure that our partnerships deliver maximum benefits for the TAC and the Victorian community, the following criteria must be met:

  • Have a demonstrable link to the TAC's legislative responsibility of promoting accident prevention and/or effective rehabilitation
  • Alignment with TAC values and cultural and organisational objectives
  • Be of significant size and Victorian-based
  • Unless a new event, have a proven track record and be run by an organisation that is incorporated, financially viable and reputable
  • Have a significant audience (live and/or via media coverage) consistent with one or more of the TAC's key target markets
  • Have a strategic plan and sufficient marketing expertise and personnel to implement the program proposed and assist the TAC to achieve its core objectives efficiently and effectively
  • Demonstrate commitment to adding genuine value to a TAC accident prevention and/or rehabilitation program and contribute to the TAC's aim of achieving sustainable change
  • Present limited and manageable exposure to any financial or reputation risk
  • Ideally provide ongoing, year-round benefits, rather than one-off events
  • The ability to measure (or assist the TAC to measure) the effectiveness of the partnership through market research, target audience engagement and message take out
  • Offer value for money given other comparable investments across the sponsorship/partnership marketplace.

In addition, partnerships that offer the following may also be considered more favourably:

  • Partnership at the naming rights, premier or major level
  • Proposals with innovative elements
  • Direct and immediate relevance to core TAC road safety messages, such as drink driving, speeding, youth risk taking and/or community inclusion of people living with disabilities
  • Target a relevant audience not currently easily reached through the TAC's mass media campaign or other partnerships
The TAC does not partner
  • Activities where the audience is not a relevant TAC target market
  • Events with no logical link to a TAC road safety message and/or rehabilitation message
  • Individuals or unincorporated organisations
  • Charitable or fund-raising events
  • Direct client services
  • Seed funding, or commissioning of third party commercial activity
  • Infrastructure costs (e.g. staffing or equipment, capital works or building projects, aid and equipment, travel and transport and on-going administrative costs)
  • Events offering unacceptable exposure to financial risk or reputation
  • Political and  religious organisations, direct gambling, gaming or betting events, organisations linked to tobacco, illegal drugs or alcohol (exceptions may be considered where the involvement of a alcohol-linked partner is aimed at reducing alcohol impaired driving)
  • Events/programs with so many partners that the TAC's message is easily lost.