Current partnerships


The TAC has been the naming rights sponsor of the under 18's Australian Rules football competition since 1992.

With the commencement of the TAC cup 2013 season the TAC will continue to support learner drivers via developed programs which encourage eligible TAC Cup players to achieve their 120 hours driving practice at the club level.

In 2012, the TAC re-branded the competition to a 'Speed Hurts' message as part of its increased focus on reducing speed-related road trauma. The TAC will continue to educate the players and their parents on the dangers of speeding and work towards the goal of making speeding as socially unacceptable as drink driving. 

TAC Cup players are often leaders in their peer groups and are expected to demonstrate a commitment to safe driving practices, whether it is as learner drivers, P Plate drivers, or as passengers in cars driven by their mates.

Motorcycle Grand Prix

The Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP) is the premier event on the social calendar for motorcycling enthusiasts in Victoria.

Motorcyclists are over represented in the road toll, almost 38 times more likely to be involved in a serious accident. As a major partner, the TAC associates with the event to promote the protective clothing message and to drive traffic to, TAC's motorcycle safety website.

The target audience for this event are male motorcyclists aged 18+ years of age. The secondary audience are the people who influence riders, such as female partners and parents.

Complementing the on-track racing action at the MotoGP is entertainment and activities around the circuit, each providing opportunities for the TAC to deliver key safety messages with riders attending the event over three days.

The TAC's partnership with the MotoGP offers:

  • Promotion of Spokes, a motorcycle-focussed website engaging riders 
  • Competitions promoting the protective clothing message and encouraging riders to take responsibility for their increased safety
  • A face-to-face presence with the motorcycling community that helps the TAC to communicate, on a one-to-one basis, with motorcyclists who have a broad range of interests.

The TAC also offers complementary breath testing at track exits to educate motorcyclists on their blood alcohol level.

Falls Festival

For over 10 years, the TAC has partnered with the Falls Festival, one of Victoria's biggest music festivals held each New Year on farmland behind Lorne in the Otway Ranges.

New Year's Eve is a high-risk time on our roads. The Falls Festival makes a significant contribution to this event by effectively reducing the potentially large number of risk takers on the road at a high-risk time of year.

The Falls Festival attracts around 17,000 young people to the three-day event. Most of these people are 18-25 year olds that could be described as having mainstream lifestyles, diverse interests in music, and who are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviours. This event also attracts a significant number of youths from regional Victoria who are otherwise difficult to reach.

The TAC's road safety campaign is reinforced by The Falls Festival through the communication of the 'Your Mate's Life Is In Your Hands' message both on site and in the lead up to the event. At the end of the three-day event, the TAC provides complimentary breath testing and water at all exit points to the festival.

Country Racing Victoria

Country racing has a long history in Victoria. It provides shared activities that build community pride and social capital.  It also facilitates social unity, providing a channel for community interaction and often acts as a space for reunions with friends and family in country locations. The TAC has a presence at 30 Country Racing Victoria events from October to May each year.

Regional residents are over represented in Victoria's road toll. The partnership between Country Racing Victoria and the TAC provides a platform to reinforce the 'Drink Drive' message in regional Victoria, educate motorists about blood alcohol levels and remind them of the consequences of drinking alcohol and driving.

The target audience for this message is all Victorian drivers aged 18 and above, (male and female) attending Country Racing Events. They often reside in regional Victoria and travel to events by car.

The selected race days provide tactical opportunities, such as: 

  • Designated driver programs
  • Coordination with local transport companies to establish alternative modes of transport services to events
  • Through joint public relations efforts, the TAC is able to remind people before the event to plan ahead to avoid drink-driving
  • Public education about standard drink sizes
  • Breath testing facilities at the conclusion of each race meeting.

Melbourne Victory

Melbourne Victory Football Club is a professional football club in Australia's A-League.

The TAC has been the community partner of Melbourne Victory since 2005, promoting the 'Wipe off 5' road safety message. Through the partnership, the TAC is able to discuss the issue of speed, which is the biggest killer on Victorian roads.

The partnership offers the TAC the opportunity to promote road safety messages to a growing audience – specifically 18 to 35 year old males.  In addition, it offers opportunities for the TAC to involve its clients in a sporting and leisure experience they would not normally have access to and to actively engage a number of clients in 'money can't buy' experiences.

The TAC has sustained presence with breath testing teams stationed at car parks on exit and road safety messages at designated match games. Furthermore, the TAC is involved with the Acquired Brain Injury Cup in which the TAC, Epworth Hospital, Melbourne Victory and Victoria Police work together to create awareness of Acquired Brain Injuries sustained through road trauma.

Winemakers of Rutherglen & Yarra Valley Winegrowers Association

The TAC's partnership with Rutherglen and the Yarra Valley gives the TAC a platform to reinforce the drink drive messages in regional Victoria, educate motorists about blood alcohol levels and remind patrons of the consequences of drinking and driving. The partnership with both regions allows the TAC to promote sustainable drink drive programs that provide year-round exposure and activity.

Geelong Football Club

This TAC's partnership with the Geelong Football Club provides the TAC with the opportunity to promote the role of the TAC in the Geelong Community.  The core focus of this project is to provide local engagement with the Geelong community via various aspects of the TAC business operation, whether that be through exposure to road safety messages or opportunities for TAC clients to interact in sporting and leisure experiences they would not normally have access to.