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LGG Agreement

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All grant recipients must sign an agreement with the TAC. The main provisions of this agreement cover:


The TAC wishes to ensure that this grants scheme increases the overall level of investment in pedestrian and cyclist safety.  The municipality will be required to confirm that any grant received will lead to an increase in local government investment rather than used as a substitute for current LGA funding levels.

  • Payment timetable. The TAC will commit to an agreed payment timetable, based on the terms of the agreement and the amount funded for the approved project.  For example, a project grant could be funded as follows:
    • 30% after the agreement is signed
    • 50% as a progress payment (the timing of this payment will be negotiated for each project, based on milestones and reporting)
    • 20% when the project is completed and a final report has been accepted by the TAC.
  • GST. Grants will be exclusive of GST.  You will need to include GST in your invoices, if applicable.
  • Audit provisions. A Road Safety Audit is to be undertaken as part of any infrastructure project. The Road Safety Audit is to be conducted by accredited auditors who are registered on the VicRoads Register of Road Safety Auditors.  You must also provide detailed information about expenditure with your final report including supplier quotes and invoices.  The TAC may select your project, at random, for financial and/or compliance auditing.
  • Excess funding. Any grant funding not expended on the project will be refunded to the TAC.
  • Risk. Your organisation will be responsible for the project and the management of all associated activities and risks.  The TAC's role will be to provide funding.


  • Completion of the project.  You will agree to complete the project as set out in your application.  If any project changes are required, they must be negotiated with the TAC and may require a change in the funding amount.
  • Milestones. You will be required to report on the progress of your project at agreed milestones.  These milestones will be linked to the payment timetable.
  • Final report and evaluation. You will be required to submit a final report to the TAC on your project, which should include before and after photos and GPS coordinates of the location/treatment site.  The report must, where agreed, include an evaluation of the project.
  • TAC's use of the reports. You will need to agree to the TAC using information about your project for TAC's business purposes.  For example, the TAC may want to use data, project outputs, financial information, or 'showcase' your project to other municipalities, or use photos as examples on the TAC website or in other support materials.

Legislation compliance

You will need to consider whether your project will be subject to any legislation.  Some important issues to consider are:

  • Appropriate insurances, including WorkCover insurance, for your project activities.
  • Using personal information that you may collect, such as during community consultation, and implications for privacy. This includes obtaining consent to use names and images of people involved in your project
  • Any occupational, health and safety issues that may be associated with your project.


Successful applicants will be required to cooperate with the TAC on matters such as joint publicity.

Assurance on new funding

The municipality must confirm that the grant received constitutes an increase in local government investment rather than substitution of current funding levels.

More information

Additional information, including sample agreements and reporting templates, can be found online.

Email - lgagrants@tac.vic.gov.au

Closing date - 2018/2019 Friday 31 August 2018