TAC neurotrauma research

Victorian neurotrauma initiatives - a research program of the TAC

Up until May 2011, the TAC funded research projects in traumatic brain and spinal cord injury through the Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative (VNI). The research was conducted in basic, clinical and rehabilitation disciplines to fill the gaps in neurotrauma research in Victoria.

To ensure that only the highest quality, internationally competitive neurotrauma research were funded, each application went through a rigorous peer and scientific review process. This review process was tailored for each funding round and was directed by the previous VNI governance committees. By selecting and funding only high quality research the TAC created a centre of neurotrauma research excellence within Victoria.

Details of all projects, including project summaries, are available below:

The future of the TAC's neurotrauma research funding

The TAC has been a major supporter of traumatic brain and spinal cord injury research within Australia and internationally over the past two decades. This support has been delivered by grant funding organisations such as the Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative and the Victorian Trauma Foundation, as well as by direct grant funding.

The TAC has committed $20 million towards the neurotrauma research for the 2011-2015 period. This neurotrauma funding for new contracts is managed by the Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research (ISCRR).


The Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative (VNI) Pty Ltd ceased as a company as of close of business on Monday, 30 May 2011.

Although the VNI as a company has ceased, all committed funded activities have continued. The management of all committed research activities beyond this date have been transitioned to the TAC. Deeds of novation have been executed under which all VNI previous rights and responsibilities have been transferred to the TAC.

All VNI branding and materials became obsolete as of 30 May 2011. All research programs are now referred to as "Victorian neurotrauma initiatives - a research program of the TAC". 

VNI annual reports and documents