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Why does TAC invest in research

The TAC undertakes and supports research to improve outcomes for our clients and to help reduce road trauma in Victoria.

For general enquiries about TAC research please email research@tac.vic.gov.au

Client Research

Monitors client satisfaction with the TAC and client perception of health and life back on track outcomes. Supports the development and evaluation of service improvement initiatives.
Community Relations: Client Research Team

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Road Safety Research

Since 1989 the TAC has had an emphasis on research that leads to road safety and marketing campaigns and programs. These are then evaluated on how effective they have been.

The TAC's Road Safety and Marketing team manages a comprehensive research program that assesses the merits of current campaigns and programs and identifies effective messages for future campaigns. We have a small internal research team with an externally focused approach to research and analysis.

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Health, Disability & Compensation Research

Health: Enhances knowledge of the health system and identifies better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat accident related health conditions.
Business Enablement: Research Team

Disability: Advances knowledge of care models, programs and services that improve the quality of life and social and community integration outcomes of clients. Keeps TAC at the forefront of contemporary disability practice.
Business Enablement: Research Team

Compensation: Investigates and monitors the social insurance industry, opportunities with other schemes, government priorities, legislation and policies that influence and can enhance the operation of the TAC.
Business Enablement: Research Team

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