Health, disability and compensation research

The TAC's Health, Disability and Compensation Research Program supports research in these areas:

  • Health: Enhances knowledge of the health system and identifies better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat accident related health conditions.
  • Disability: Advances knowledge of care models, programs and services that improve the quality of life and social and community integration outcomes of clients. Keeps the TAC at the forefront of contemporary disability practice.
  • Compensation: Investigates and monitors the social insurance industry, opportunities with other schemes, government priorities, legislation and policies that influence and can enhance the operation of the TAC.

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Research Panel

The TAC’s research investment model features a panel of 12 respected Australian organisations. This streamlines research commissioning and allows cost effective access to qualified research services.

Health, Disability and Compensation Strategic Research Investment Road Map 2021-2024 and Annual Plan 2021-2022

The TAC's Health, Disability and Compensation research priorities are driven by the corporate strategic direction and provide insight into evidence-based health and disability service delivery, as well as the ongoing improvement of the TAC’s business model, systems and processes. Our approach to investing in health, disability and compensation research ensures that the business has access to, and uses, high quality evidence which supports the TAC’s mission to be the world’s leading social insurer.

Strategic Research Investment Road Map 2021-24 and Annual Research Plan 2021-22
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