Outpatient rehabilitation services

We’re here to help you get your life back on track after your transport accident. To help you with your transport accident injuries we will pay for rehabilitation services provided in an outpatient setting by a hospital in Australia.

You can get this treatment immediately after your transport accident without initial approval from the TAC.

If it’s been more than 6 months since you had any treatment or service paid for by the TAC, you need to call us to find out if we can pay for this treatment.

When we can pay for outpatient rehabilitation services

You can immediately access the rehabilitation (outpatient) services you require following your accident. We will directly pay the hospital for these services, including a range of allied health and medical services to treat your transport accident injuries.

We will, where appropriate, work with your treating team to ensure that you receive the rehabilitation services you require as a result of your transport accident.

We will also pay the cost of medications, travel and equipment in some circumstances.  For more information please see the following policies:

We may contact a member of your treating team to discuss your progress or request an assessment to make sure that:

  • You have access to appropriate treatment and support.
  • You are getting proven, evidence-based treatment and not receiving treatment that isn't helping you recover.
  • You are moving towards getting your life back on track or being able to live independently.

Treatments and services we can't pay for

We can’t pay for services that:

  • Do not treat your transport accident injuries.
  • Are not reasonable, necessary or appropriate.
  • Are not clinically justified, safe and effective.

What does a rehabilitation service do?

To help get your life back on track after you leave hospital, your treatment team may recommend that you do a rehabilitation program.

This could include a mixture of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, podiatry, orthotic and prosthetic services, orthoptics, dietetics, pharmacy, psychology and social work.

Alternatively your treating team may recommend a specific rehabilitation program which can include:

  • Rehab in the home
  • Alfred Health ABI Rehabilitation Centre (ABI Slow Stream Service)
  • Spinal Community Integration Service
  • Sub-acute Ambulatory Care Service
  • Victorian Paediatric Rehabilitation Services
  • Mental Health Clinical Community Care
  • Speciality clinics such as:
    • Continence Clinics
    • Gait Analysis
    • Network Pain Management
    • Pain Management Services

How rehabilitation services are paid for

We pay for your treatment:

  • Directly to your rehabilitation provider, when you have provided them with your TAC claim number, or
  • If you have to pay, use myTAC to send a copy of your receipt to us and we will repay you.

We pay for your services in line with our responsibilities under our guiding legislation, the Transport Accident Act 1986.

How much we will pay

We will pay for outpatient rehabilitation services on a fee-for-service basis based on 30 minute treatment sessions.

We pay the cost of treatment provided in public hospitals in Victoria in line with the Department of Health and Human Services Fees Manual.

We pay the cost of treatment provided in private hospitals in line with our Hospital treatment policy.

For providers

Hospitals should refer to our TAC provider guidelines or to your hospital contract and arrangement documents.