Getting back to everyday activities

Sam looks on the bright side of life

Sam throwing a basketball

Early in Sam's recovery, he made the decision to be 'happy-go-lucky, and look on the bright side of life.'

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Chris’ one-armed feats

Doing up a tie

After Chris' accident, he lost the use of his left arm. 'Learning how to act as a one-armed fella was tricky.'

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The power of a positive spirit

Michaela's positive spirit

Here Michaela reflects on how her positive spirit carried her through recovery and helped her get back to everyday activities.

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Matt lives independently

Matts story

For Matt, it was important to live independently after he suffered a brain injury. He's often out for lunch, in the gym or just enjoying his own home.

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Julius lives and shops independently

julius back to everyday

Julius talks about getting back to some of the everyday things he enjoys, like setting up his own home and grocery shopping.

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Robbie gets back in the gym

Robbie talking to camera

After his accident, Robbie was depressed, tired and overweight until a family friend helped him get back in the gym.

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Phillip rides again

Phil back to life

Riding his motorbike was one of the things Phillip loved to do most. Phillip was determined to ride again.

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Christian returns to the slopes

Christian loading the car

Christian Geiger was one of Australia's leading young skiers before his life was turned upside down in 2009. A car accident near his home in Victoria's alpine region left him in an induced coma.

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