Robbie retrains as a personal trainer
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TAC sent out
a return to work specialist, Meredith,

and she came out
and we went over all the things

that I might...would like to do
or have already tried.

I decided to do my personal training,

because I wanted to help other people
in the same situation as me.

So, I looked up courses
so I could get my Cert III and IV.

There was a six-month course
that I did.

And I think that was very hard
for me to do that as well,

because I felt like
when I went there

I thought, oh, you know,

people would be thinking,
"Why is he here?"

But it was
the complete opposite, really.

I was more of an inspiration
to other people,

and they thought, um, you know,

"If he can do it,
of course we can do it."

And I finished my Cert III and IV.

I work out of a gym now,
so I work out at Optima.

I have one wheelchair client.

And he just wants
to build up muscle again.

And I have two kids.

So, one is a gymnast,

and I've got another young fella I do
that is a runner.

And I have three matured men,

who just work on weight loss.

Returning to work has been,
yeah, absolutely fantastic.

I wish I did it earlier.

I moped round for too long,
and I wish I didn't do that.

I wish I just got up
and just got straight into it.

Robbie was an apprentice mechanic when an accident changed his life. He decided on a new career as a personal trainer.

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