Help with your children

Child care

The TAC will pay for child care when:

  • You have an accepted TAC claim
  • You cared for a child for 30 days before your accident
  • Your accident injuries prevent you from caring for the child.

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Education support services

The TAC can support a client's return to an education program by paying for education support services that may include:

  • Integration support programs in child care, preschool, primary and secondary schools
  • Tutoring programs for primary, secondary and post-secondary education
  • Specialist support, such as therapists, education specialists or other specialist professionals.

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Family support workers

Family Support workers can help you by developing a rehabilitation program so that you can resume parenting duties after an accident.

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Special education consultant services

A school may require assistance to plan for and work with a student who has suffered injuries in a transport accident. A special education consultant assists the school to manage the student's ongoing educational needs.

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