Autologous Blood Testing for Surgical Procedures

The TAC Medical Excess may apply to these services 




The TAC can fund the reasonable cost of autologous blood testing for a client when required for planned surgery that is the result of injuries sustained in a transport accident.

Transport Accident Act 1986 reference: s.3 'medical service' and s.60 


Autologous blood testing is the testing of units of blood collected from a client over a number of weeks, and re-administered to the same client during upcoming surgery.

All blood taken for transfusion purposes must undergo testing. This is current world practice and is considered mandatory. The five tests completed on each unit of blood are:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Syphilis
  • Full Blood Examination (FBE)
  • HIV.


Will the TAC pay for vitamins/iron supplements if required?

The TAC will also pay the cost of reasonable vitamin C and iron tablets required by a person between the date of blood donation until up to six weeks after the date of surgery. Refer to Pharmacy (Chemist Medications) policy.

In relation to autologous blood what will the TAC not pay for?

The TAC will not fund:

  • treatment or services for a person other than the injured client
  • the cost of storing a person's blood prior to an operation
  • treatment or services where there is no proper clinical justification for this service
  • treatment or services where the cost is included in the hospital bed fee. Refer to Hospitals policies
  • treatment or services for a condition that existed before a transport accident or that is not a direct result of the transport accident
  • fees associated with non-attendance
  • the cost of telephone calls and telephone consultations between providers and clients, and between other providers, including hospitals
  • treatment or services subcontracted to a non-registered provider
  • treatment or services provided outside the Commonwealth of Australia
  • treatment or services provided more than 2 years prior to the request for funding except where the request for payment is made within 3 years of the transport accident. Refer to the Time Limit to Apply for the Payment of Medical and Like Expenses policy.