Laser Resurfacing (CO2 Laser Procedure)

The TAC Medical Excess may apply to these services 




The TAC will pay the reasonable costs of laser resurfacing (CO2 Laser Procedure), for injuries that are a result of the transport accident when it is performed by a registered medical practitioner.

Transport Accident Act 1986 reference: s.3 'medical service' and s.60


What is Laser Resurfacing?

Laser Resurfacing (CO2 Laser Procedure) refers to using a carbon dioxide laser for resurfacing of the face or neck following severe disfiguring scarring.

What rate applies?

Payment will be in accordance with the TAC's Schedule of Medical Practitioners' Rates based on the appropriate item number in the Commonwealth Medicare Benefits Schedule (CMBS), (item 45025/45026).

What will the TAC not fund?

The TAC will not fund:

  • services for a person other than the injured client
  • treatment for a condition that existed before the transport accident or that is not a direct result of the transport accident
  • treatment or services where there is no objective evidence that a treatment or service is safe and effective
  • 'GAP' prostheses costs except where prior approval has been obtained
  • fees associated with non-attendance
  • the cost of telephone calls and telephone consultations between providers and clients, and between other providers, including hospitals
  • treatment subcontracted to a non-registered provider
  • treatment provided outside the Commonwealth of Australia
  • treatment provided more than 2 years prior to the request for funding except where the request for payment is made within 3 years of the transport accident. Refer to Time Limit to Apply for the Payment of Medical and Like Expenses policy.

Medical Services Reimbursement Rates

The TAC has adopted the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items, explanations, definitions, rules and conditions for services provided by medical practitioners.  When invoicing for medical services, medical practitioners are expected to adhere to the MBS rules unless otherwise specified by the TAC in the Reimbursement Rates for Medical Services booklet or its medical policies.

The Reimbursement Rates for Medical Services booklet below must be read in conjunction with:

Current Rates

Previous Rates

At the time of production this publication contained up to date information as released by Medicare Australia (Medicare).  The relevant publication will be updated to reflect any further changes that are implemented by Medicare each year.  Please check our website for the latest version.

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