The TAC Medical Excess may apply to these services 




The TAC can fund the reasonable cost of Pro-osteon implants for the treatment of injuries that are a result of the transport accident.

Transport Accident Act 1986 reference: s.3 'medical service' and s.60


Pro-osteon (also known as Pro Osteon Implant 500, and Pro Osteon Coralline Hydroxyapatite Bone Void Filler) is made from marine coral exoskeletons and is used as an alternative to cadaver bones for filling voids in bone(s). It is a porous structure that mimics the porosity of human cancellous bone.

The Pro-osteon implant provides a strong foundation for new bone ingrowth. Pro-osteon comes in various block sizes, which are cut and shaped to fit the bone fracture defect, or in granules to pour into the fracture defect.


  1. The TAC will pay the cost of reasonable treatment only for clients with bone fracture voids.
  2. Prior approval is required for the use of Pro-osteon.
  3. A request should be made by a medical specialist.

Can the TAC fund Pro-osteon implant procedures performed by a member of a client's immediate family?

Refer to the Funding Treatment by a Member of a Client's Immediate Family policy.