Travel to Pre-Vocational or Vocational Training Programs

This needs to be read in conjunction with the Travel and Accomodation Expenses policy.

Can the TAC pay for travel as part of a formal Vocational or Pre-Vocational Training Program?

Yes, the TAC will reimburse the travel expenses incurred by a client to travel to a Vocational or Pre-Vocational training program approved by the TAC where the client has obtained prior approval for the travel.

Transport Accident Act 1986 reference: s.3 'transportation costs (c)' and s.60(2)(a) 

Can the TAC pay for travel for an injured child to go to school or higher education which forms part of the client's normal academic life?

Travel to/from school, university, TAFE and Registered Training Organisations can be paid by TAC for eligible students. Refer to the Travel to School Expenses policy.