Visiting Expenses for the Members of the Immediate Family of an Injured Client Admitted to Hospital

For parents visiting a dependent child who is admitted to hospital, refer to the Visiting Expenses for the Parents of a Dependent Child Admitted to Hospital policy.


The TAC can pay the reasonable travelling and accommodation costs incurred by members of the immediate family to visit an injured client under section 60(2E) of the Transport Accident Act 1986 (the Act) when:

  • the TAC client is injured and admitted as an inpatient in a hospital as a result of a transport accident
  • the hospital is located at least 100 km from the normal residence of the member of the immediate family, and
  • members of the immediate family incur reasonable travelling or accommodation expenses by reason of visiting the TAC client.

This benefit is subject to a capped Indexed Statutory Amount.

This policy must be read in conjunction with the following:


In this policy:

  • Members of the immediate family is a partner, parent, child or sibling of the injured client.
  • Travel Expenses are expenses incurred in travelling by:
    • private motor vehicle (including parking fees and tolls)
    • motor vehicle hire
    • public transport
    • taxi
    • domestic and/or international air travel.


What can the TAC pay for in relation to visiting expenses by members of the immediate family of an injured client admitted to hospital?

The TAC can pay the following, up to the maximum statutory allowance for each injured client:

  • the reasonable cost of travel expenses incurred by the member(s) of the immediate family to visit an injured client in hospital, including travel between a hotel and the hospital
  • where there is no family member able to accompany a dependent child to visit a parent in hospital, the TAC will pay for the cost of one adult to accompany the child to the hospital. For example, a child from a single-parent family is accompanied to hospital by his or her godparent
  • up to 5 additional nights accommodation if the injured client dies as a result of transport accident injuries whilst an in-patient of a hospital (from the injured client's date of death ), or
  • the reasonable cost of any cancellation/booking fees incurred where accommodation arrangements were made before the death of an injured client.

The maximum statutory allowance is the total capped amount that can be paid on the injured client's claim and is not for each individual person claiming.

Visiting expenses incurred between 1 January 2001 and 27 November 2007 can only be paid on behalf of the partner and dependent child of the injured client.

How are visiting expenses claimed?

The person claiming visiting expenses needs to complete and send to the TAC a Visiting Expenses: Declaration for family members of an injured client admitted to hospital form and attach all original receipts where possible.

What fees/rates are payable for travel expenses?

Refer to the TAC rate paid for Private Vehicle Travel Reimbursement. The TAC will consider reimbursing the reasonable cost of taxi, motor vehicle hire, public transport and domestic and/or international air travel.

In relation to visiting expenses for the family members of an injured client admitted to hospital, what won't the TAC pay for?

The TAC will not pay for:

  • the cost of meals. Meal expenses are part of the normal cost of daily living and are incurred regardless of a transport accident
  • travel for family member(s) who normally reside less than 100 kilometres from the hospital
  • travel once the injured client is discharged from hospital, or when the capped Indexed Statutory Amount is reached
  • travel provided in a commercial passenger vehicle driven by a person who does not possess appropriate accreditation with the Victorian Taxi Services Commission (or accreditation by the relevant Taxi regulation authority for travel outside Victoria). Refer to the Travel and Accommodation policy for further information.

View Visiting expenses form for family members of an injured client admitted to hospital

Visiting expenses form for family members of an injured client admitted to hospital


This form can be used by immediate family members of hospitalised clients to claim travel expenses associated with visiting their loved one/s. Please note, to be eligible for reimbursement, immediate family members must reside more than 100km away from the hospital.