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About Client Voice

A the TAC, Client Voice is when we work with our clients to find a better way.

During 2018, a passionate and dedicated team of 8 TAC clients worked  with TAC staff to design the Client Voice Framework. The framework has 5 principles and a set of values that we use when we work with our clients. Getting the Client Voice is becoming a way of life at the TAC so that together, we find a better way.

Why choose Client Voice?

We want the best outcomes and experiences for our clients. The way to do this is to work with our clients and learn from their expertise. Client Voice is a way for the TAC to make sure we work with clients in a consistent way that values their contribution.

We want Client Voice to be simple and easy to use. We have developed resources and tools that will help our staff work with our clients. We will make sure that the knowledge we get from Client Voice is available to all staff and used to make things better for our clients.

Transforming our services doesn’t depend on consultants, IT systems or blueprints. It's done through the commitment and creativity of people with experience of trauma or disability, together with TAC staff, working together to find a better way.

The benefits of Client Voice

“People’s needs are better met when they are involved in an equal and reciprocal relationship with professionals and others, working together to get things done.”[i]

There are many good reasons to develop the participation of clients in the work of the TAC. The benefits can be far reaching for individuals, the TAC’s services and policies and the broader Victorian community.

Some of the benefits include:

  • We value our clients
  • Our clients take part in social and economic activities
  • Our clients have an opportunity to develop new skills and build social networks with others affected by road trauma
  • We don't make assumptions
  • We find a better balance between client and business objectives.

[i] Boyle, D., Slay, J., Stephens, L. (2010) PUBLIC SERVICES INSIDE OUT Putting co-production into practice. London: NESTA. https://media.nesta.org.uk/documents/public_services_inside_out.pdf