Getting a copy of your TAC documentation - Information for clients

There are two ways you can ask the TAC for information about your TAC claim.

Release of information

The TAC will give you a copy of the following information for free:

  • Your TAC claim form
  • Most medical reports
  • Decision letters.

The TAC cannot give you the following information under the 'Release of Information' process:

  • Medicare/Health Insurance Commission information
  • Victoria Police Accident Record System reports/ Victoria Police Traffic Incident Reports
  • VicRoads information
  • Victorian WorkCover Authority information.

How do I request information from the TAC under the 'Release of Information' process?

All you have to do is call the TAC on 1300 654 329 and tell us which documents you want. It helps us if you can be specific about the documents.

We will respond to you in the time-frames set out in the TAC's Service Charter.

Freedom of Information

The FOI process is not free, there is an application fee of $27.20 (as of 1 July 2015) payable when a request is lodged.  You may also have to pay access charges before documents are provided.

What is FOI?

The Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982 gives you a general right to:

  • Seek access to documents held by the TAC about your personal affairs (such as details of your TAC claim), a third party or the operations of the TAC in general
  • Ask for an amendment to personal records – if the personal records are incomplete, out of date, incorrect or misleading
  • Seek a review of an FOI decision from the Freedom of Information Commissioner.

What documents can I access?

You can request access to any document held by the TAC. However, the TAC may refuse access to some documents or portions of documents when they are subject to the exception and exemption provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

If we refuse access to documents, we will tell you about the ways you can get the FOI decision reviewed.

How do I make a formal FOI request?

You need to send the TAC:

  • A completed FOI application form or a written request; and
  • A cheque or money order for the $27.20 application fee, payable to the Transport Accident Commission.

We will let you know if you need to pay other access charges.

If you are suffering financial hardship, you can ask the TAC to consider waiving the FOI application fee and access charges.

Mail the application form to the TAC at: 

    Transport Accident Commission
    Attention: FOI team
    PO Box 2751

How long does it take?

The TAC needs to make a decision about your FOI request within 45 days.