Equipment refers to items that are used to assist a person's recovery following a transport related injury. Use of equipment may help address one or more of the following aspects of an injured person's recovery:

  • mobility
  • function
  • independence
  • community involvement (through return to work, educational or leisure activities)
  • relief of pain or discomfort
  • communication
  • safe environment.

Equipment is recommended to a TAC client by their treating health professional.   A treating health professional may recommend equipment related to their area of expertise and/or scope of treatment.

Equipment List

The Equipment List (the List) is a resource developed for treating health professionals to use when recommending equipment to their patients. The List will streamline processes for ordering equipment and ensure availability, resulting in less delays and improved outcomes for your patient.

The List includes over 4,000 items which support functional improvement and/or independence for TAC clients. These items have been divided into 15 categories.

For Hospital use only

Hospitals may directly order items from the list below using the Hospital Direct Equipment Order form. These items have been divided into 11 categories:

Small stock equipment item list

For equipment up to $150 on the approved items list (below), prescribing healthcare professionals can order directly from the TAC contracted equipment supplier. The contracted supplier will invoice the TAC. The equipment will be provided at the conclusion of an in rooms treatment to be used subsequently by the client.

  • taping (zinc oxide, fixomull, strapping etc)
  • bandages (compression, tubigrip, gauze products, etc)
  • oedema control and dressing bandages
  • thermal supports, pressure garments and gloves
  • soft collars
  • lumbar rolls
  • hand putty/thera-putty, digiflex, exercise foam, thera-band, etc
  • walking aids (sticks, crutches, etc)
  • triangular slings
  • plaster
  • ice packs, heat packs
  • hibitane, iso-wipes, skin-prep, applicators, etc
  • adaptive cutlery
  • dressing aids
  • pick up sticks
  • hand weights up to 3kg
  • silicone gel sheeting (one 10x13cm sheet only) or in equivalent liquid form
  • non-electrical adapted cleaning equipment (up to $150 per item only).

How to recommend items on the list

You will be required to recommend items from the List when treating a TAC client.  To do this please submit a written request, or a Equipment Prescription Form for any of the following items:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Pressure cushions
  • Powered conversion kits
  • Hoists
  • Scooters
  • Bikes
  • Recumbent trikes
  • Single items that cost more than $1,500
  • Beds
  • Mattressses
  • Standing frames
  • Tilt tables
  • Treatment couches
  • Large exercise equipment
  • Lounge chairs/Tilt recliners
  • Custom toilet / shower / commode chairs
  • Shower trolleys
  • Mainstream multifunctional technology (ie. tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.)
  • Ramps

To recommend items that are not included on the List, such as specialised or custom equipment, please complete the Equipment Prescription Form and submit to the TAC.  Clinical justification must be provided when similar items are available on the List.

For all high cost customised items a standardised quote is also required with the submission of the Equipment Prescription Form. Equipment suppliers should provide a standardised quote to you using the Equipment Prescription Form Template Quote below. For further information about standardised quotes please refer to the Equipment Prescription Form Template Quote notes.

Supply of Equipment

The TAC uses both contracted and non-contracted suppliers to provide clients with clinically justified rehabilitation and medical equipment. Where appropriate, suppliers also offer maintenance, repairs and installation services.

Contracted suppliers provide state-wide equipment coverage as well as interstate coverage where required. Treating health professionals and TAC clients are encouraged to visit contracted suppliers, as they offer demonstrations, fittings, trials and expert advice on rehabilitation equipment.

To find out more information on our suppliers please visit:

Non-contracted suppliers are used to source specialised or highly customised items of equipment or items that are not included on the Equipment List.

For further information about Equipment, please refer to the Equipment policy and the information sheets below.