TAC criteria for Complex and multi-site orthopaedic injuries (CMSO)

We will consider funding extended consultations for clients where they have sustained complex and multi-site orthopaedic injuries

What is complex?

The client must have multi-site orthopaedic injuries and have one of the following:

  • one of the injuries involves a crush or degloving of the hand or foot, or
  • Significant soft-tissue injuries, as well as fractures, that require specific physiotherapy input.

Prior approval for extended consultations is required. We will only consider funding extended consultations when the physiotherapist has provided:

  • a written request that outlines why an extended consultation is required for the client
  • goals and outcome measures for each separate region. This may be included and submitted on the Allied Health Treatment Plan.

We are unable to consider funding extended consultations where:

  • the request does not detail the person’s functional goals and specific outcome measures
  • treatment is for non-accident related injuries
  • treatment is indicated for primarily psychosocial/behavioural reasons
  • treatment is for areas which are considered a single region (for example, cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine; neck and shoulder; thoracic spine and ribs; lumbar spine and pelvis; hip and thigh; and foot and ankle)

We will review treatment regularly, in consultation with the treating physiotherapist.