Our health and service providers provide vital treatment and support to our clients after a transport accident.

If you would like to provide your services to our clients, please register using our online registration form.

Manually completed provider registration forms can be returned to the TAC via:

Email: info@tac.vic.gov.au
Fax: 03 9656 9533
Post: Data Maintenance, Transport Accident Commission,
GPO Box 2751 Melbourne, Victoria, 3001

Updating your details

For service providers who are registered with the TAC who need to update their details (address, phone number, email) please advise the TAC in writing to info@tac.vic.gov.au.

For service providers who are registered with the TAC who need to update their EFT details, please complete the EFT Change of Details Form to help ensure the prompt payment of invoices.

TAC logo policy

The TAC takes protection of its intellectual property and reputation seriously. It does not allow other entities to use its logo unless a contractual agreement is in place. The TAC logo is a registered trademark and a vital component of our brand and identity. Allowing entities to use our logo can imply that we favour or endorse them, which can mislead the public.

This policy applies to any entity that provides services to the TAC even if they are registered to serve TAC clients. The TAC logo should not be used by a third party in any way, including on a website or promotional and advertising materials, without written authority from the TAC. However, registered providers may identify their TAC registration by stating "[Organisation name] is registered to provide services for TAC clients."