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Refer a patient

As a health or medical professional you can refer your patient to a range of TAC pre-approved treatments and services if they are related to their transport accident and are required to help them recover from their transport injury. We will pay for pre-approved treatments and services without the need for any medical reports or paperwork.  Other services may be considered by submitting a written request to us for authorisation.

How to refer a patient

Step 1

Confirm your patient has a TAC claim number.

You can check if your patient’s claim has been approved online with LanternPay, or by calling us on 1300 654 329 between 8.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Step 2

Check our list of pre-approved treatments and services to identify if we are able to pay for the service you are referring your patient to.

You do not need to send us any paperwork for pre-approved treatments or services.

Step 3

Other treatment options may be considered based on your professional advice.

If you recommend a treatment or option that is not pre-approved you will need to submit a written request for approval.

Please send your written request to info@tac.vic.gov.au or GPO Box 2751, Melbourne, Victoria 3001.

We will assess your claim within 10 business days and you will receive a written response to confirm if the proposed treatment or services has been approved.

The TAC will only pay for the initial diagnostic consultation if you refer a patient to other services without prior authorisation.

Your request should include the following information:

  • client claim number
  • transport injury being treated
  • type of treatment or service being requested
  • how it will support the patient’s recovery
  • proposed date of the service/treatment
  • number of services proposed or expected duration
  • date treatment will be reviewed
  • functional goals or outcome measures used to evaluate the impact on the patient’s overall health and well being
  • self-management strategies in place.

We will consider the principles of the Clinical Framework when considering a treatment or service request.