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The P Drivers Project

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Recruitment for the P Drivers Project is now complete.


Who was involved?

  • Newly-licensed young drivers aged between 18 and 22 years.
  • The program was conducted for participants living in Melbourne, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and the surrounding areas.

What did it involve?

  • Completing surveys where young drivers could voice their opinions and experiences about being a new driver and share some of the challenges they face.
  • Sometimes attending locally run group discussions with a driving coach who helped them become safer drivers.

What did participants gain?

  • How to become a safer driver as well as help others they know be safer on the roads.
  • Movie tickets, bowling passes and gift cards.
  • Entry to prize draws for holidays and the chance to win a Toyota Yaris at the end of the project.

The P Drivers Project is one of the largest and most complex scientific research studies undertaken in the area of driver education designed to improve the safety of new P plate drivers.