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P platers and drink driving

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What's the risk?

The majority of young people get their licence at 18 or 19, the same age that they are legally allowed to drink alcohol. 

Alcohol slows reaction times and affects decision-making ability, and this is why our most inexperienced drivers are not allowed to drive with alcohol in their system, all P-plate drivers must have a zero blood alcohol reading.

How can you help.

The good news is that most P-platers stick to the zero BAC limit most of the time, but good kids still make mistakes. As a parent you can remind them about the importance of this rule and ensure they are not tempted by being in tricky situations.

Make sure they're aware of the law, penalties and potential consequences of drink driving

If you know your young driver is planning a night out, it's not a bad idea to discuss with them how they are getting home. Do they have a plan or could you offer to pick them up? It is important to remember that the first few months of driving will be the first time in life that young drivers are confronted with making choices around alcohol and it's easier to make good decisions before they start drinking.


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