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P platers and long drives

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What’s the risk?

It would be nice if we could keep new drivers in their own familiar neighbourhoods while their solo driving experience increases. Unfortunately this isn’t realistic. With a licence and a car comes the opportunity to travel to places further afield, be it for work, study or social gatherings.

Long distance driving generally involves extended stints behind the wheel in unfamiliar surroundings, which can result in fatigue and difficulty concentrating on the driving task. It is important that young drivers are adequately prepared for any long journey.

How can you help.

It’s natural for teenagers to want to put some distance between themselves and their parents.  It’s best that they build up long distance driving experience over time.

When your young driver is ready to drive long distances, plan the trip well in advance. This involves working out rest stops every two hours, how to best share the driving and whether there are any unique road conditions to consider. 

Check out the TAC’s fatigue campaigns.


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