Teaching learner drivers

Teaching learner drivers can be a daunting responsibility, particularly for parents. However excuses are not an option as it is vital you give your child the experience they need to be safe on the roads.

Common concerns range from worry about having a crash, conflict between parent and child or being too busy. We have parent/supervisor information as well as learner driver information which will help you both reach the goal of quality driving practice.

The more practice a learner driver can have in all road conditions, the safer they will be on the roads when they get their probationary licence.

Tips for parents and supervisors

Below we have listed some common concerns parents or supervisors have when a learner driver begins to drive:lessons-from-the-road

  • Crashes – The chance of an accident is extremely low when an experienced driver is in the car. Driving practice is the best way to gain experience and be safe on the roads.
  • Nerves - Putting your child in the driver's seat can be confronting, however the more practice they have, the safer they will be on the road. Start with simple, safe routes and build up to heavier traffic.
  • Being too busy – Slot driving practice into your regular schedule such as pick ups from school, the shopping, driving to sporting events or your usual weekend routine. Ask for relatives or friends to help if they fit the requirements.
  • Conflict - This is difficult as no-one likes tension, especially in the middle of a practice session. Be positive and not critical, provide information and ask for feedback. While you are travelling talk about the traffic, the conditions and anything else you see as important. Ask them to give you the same sort of information. Talk about the driving experience and not their performance, this can make driving practice less of a battle.
  • Too dangerous – Build up to driving in varying conditions. Start slowly over routes you know and then build up to longer trips and various weather conditions.

Remember, with you in the car the risk of an accident is reduced. We have more learning to drive resources on our information page.