Riding bicycles

The rules that apply to all vehicles on the road must be obeyed when riding a bicycle on the road, as well as there being some additional rules for bike riders.

Talk to your child about these rules in simple terms so they can understand why they must comply with them. In the early stages of teaching children bike rules, supervise them closely when near parked or moving vehicles - this means being near your child, not at a distance. Set a good example and show your child safe ways to cross streets.

Bicycle safety for children

Here are some simple safety tips for children when riding bikes on or near the road.

  • Encourage your child to start wearing a helmet at an early stage - with their first tricycles. Ensure it is always worn properly as it can greatly reduce the risk of head injury.
  • The helmet should cover the upper part of the forehead and sit level on the head. A helmet worn too far back or not fitted snugly will not provide good protection.
  • Limit riding to parks, playgrounds and school yards until they have experience for other areas. Children under nine years of age should not ride on the road without adult supervision.
  • Work out routes to various places that have safe crossings, such as at traffic lights. Avoid places that can hide a child from a driver's view (such as curves or bushes).

Make sure you know the road rules for bicycle riders so you are riding safely and within the law.