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Road safety in schools

Young people aged 18-25 years are about three times more likely to be killed in a car crash than older more experienced drivers - one way to change this is to provide relevant driver safety education for schools.

The TAC has developed a range of school resources which can be taught alongside the core road safety school program.

We have put together a range of secondary school resources aimed at AusVELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education). These secondary resources complement the core material for each subject and we have tailored a specific program for each of these subjects:

Other key resources are:

Good practice road safety for young people

Many community groups, schools and the general public are very concerned about the level of road trauma among young drivers, and are motivated to address this.

To support community groups and schools to deliver effective community and school  based road safety for young people, the Victorian Community Road Safety Partnership Program and the Victorian Road Safety Education Reference Group arranged for the development of resources to help inform local program development and delivery.

For more information visit the Road Safety Education research page.

School resources

Contains a range of  school resources aimed at helping teach the next generation of drivers about road safety, behaviour, decision making and how decisions can affect others.

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TAC 25 Years

In 2012 the TAC marked its 25th anniversary - here we have a range of resources designed for AusVELS Year 10.

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AusVELS F-6 (Primary)

Kids On The Moveis designed with modules and activities aligned to AusVELS to assist primary schools to implement a core road safety education program

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AusVELS 7-8 Health

These resources are designed to fit the requirements of AusVELS Health and Physical Education and the Health Knowledge and Promotion dimension.

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AusVELS 10 Civics

Teaching students how to be responsible, active and aware citizens in Australia is one of the main aims of civics and citizenship education.

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AusVELS 10 Health

The TAC's school resources are also tailored for Health Level 6 VELS, to complement the core subjects of physical, personal and social learning.

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AusVELS 10 English

Selecting issues that are topical and relevant to the lives of young people encourages students to engage, which helps with reading, writing and speaking.

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AusVELS 10 History

Contains the resources and notes for AusVELS History which are also part of the TAC 25 years resources

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VCE Health and Human Development

These resources are designed to meet the requirements of aspects of Unit 1: Youth and Health Development of the VCE Health and Human Development course.

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VCE English

These VCE English resources meet the requirements of Units 1 and 2 and Area of Study 2 Creating and Presenting.

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VCE Legal Studies

The TAC VCE Legal Studies resources are designed to supplement existing textbooks with the aim of making learning contemporary, with links to many online resources throughout.

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Student writing and art/design competition

We are extending our student writing competition to include an art and design section, where students can create their entry around the TAC resources and the theme of road safety.

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