About TAC Surveys and Research

Since 1989 the TAC has had an emphasis on research that leads to road safety and marketing campaigns and programs. These are then evaluated on how effective they have been.

The TAC's Road Safety and Marketing team manages a comprehensive research program that assesses the merits of current campaigns and programs and identifies effective messages for future campaigns. We have a small internal research team with an externally focused approach to research and analysis.

The Road Safety and Marketing team draws on the best Australian and international resources to provide the TAC and Victorian Government with the best insights available. In addition, the TAC invests in road safety research to help ensure its ongoing vitality.

Current TAC Surveys

Public Education Evaluation Program:

This survey will be used to evaluate the TAC public education program including television advertising, print, on-line, radio and billboards. Participants will be selected by:

  • Letters will be sent to a selection of Victorian driver licence and permit holders and/or registered vehicle owners randomly selected from the VicRoads database inviting them to
    • complete a survey on line, or
    • complete a survey via telephone
  • Invitation through a proprietary research panel
  • Selection through random digit dialing and survey completed over the phone.

Fieldwork period: Ongoing

Research Partner: Wallis Group

View the road safety survey and research reports

Other TAC research

The TAC manages a research program that is concerned with improving outcomes for people injured in transport accidents. More information is available here:

Why social research for Road Safety and Marketing?

The TAC regularly undertakes social research projects to inform its road safety and marketing program. These research projects are typically interested in:

  • Opinions of road users about road safety
  • The prevalence of high-risk behaviour associated with road use
  • The effectiveness of the TAC's marketing and road safety programs and
  • Emerging issues of concern and casting light on road safety issues that are not fully understood.

Surveys - how people are chosen to participate

Our surveys are conducted using a range of recruitment methods with an emphasis on random selection and minimising any risk of bias. These include:

  • Random selection from VicRoads database containing licence holders and owners of registered vehicles, then recruitment by mail or telephone where a phone number is available (a link to VicRoads Privacy Statement can be found here)
  • Random selection of injured road users from TAC compensation database, in conjunction with the Client Research Team and in accordance with the TAC Research Charter
  • Random landline telephone numbers
  • Random mobile phone numbers
  • Lists of email addresses from proprietary on-line research panels

Participating in our surveys is always voluntary and we provide flexible options for completing surveys, plenty of time to complete surveys, reminders and prizes. While this may increase the costs of conducting the research this is outweighed by the need to conduct high quality research based on representative samples of Victorians.

Have you have been contacted for TAC surveys or other research?

Participation is voluntary and the TAC is grateful to you for giving up your time to contribute to the Road Safety & Marketing research program.

The TAC demands a high standard from its research partners, and expects that you will have a positive experience. Please contact us if you have any concerns about the way the survey or research has been conducted.

Your privacy is guaranteed. The TAC does not know who participates in its surveys, and your personal details that were used to contact you are not linked to your survey responses.

You may be asked if you would be happy to be contacted for future TAC road safety research. If you agree, your contact details will be stored by the TAC for up to three years. If we contact you later to invite you to participate in some more research you will be free to refuse to participate. At any time you can contact us to have your name removed from our list.

Do you want to opt out of TAC research?

If you don't want to be contacted by the TAC for future Road Safety and Marketing research, please let us know via email (info@tac.vic.gov.au).

Please bear in mind, however, that for some research recruitment methods, such as randomly dialing a telephone number, the TAC has no way of knowing who it is contacting.