The Little Things
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Time, Richie?

He's gonna go with the money
this year, and I don't blame him.

What's Lucy up to, eh? hard to handle, you know?

Come to mothers' group.
Yes, I will.

Alright. See you on Thursday.

He's not a great chef.

Barbs thought it was
bloody crinimal!

(ECHOES) Crinimal... Crinimal...

Poor kid.
She still hasn't forgiven him.

VOICEOVER: Even a few drinks
can impair your driving.



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The Little Things

March 2004

The Little Things highlights some common social drinking situations -  at work, a friend's place and a BBQ. Here people show typical signs of being affected by alcohol without being 'drunk'. While these may seem small impairments, they can affect the safe control of a car, as this ad clearly shows. Another in the series about the dangers of low level drinking and driving.