Driver think rider. Rider think driver
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We open on a tight shot of a woman behind the wheel as she calmly looks around. The camera is filming her in super slow motion.

She looks left and right.

As she does this, we hear a man’s voice say:

On the road we are all good at looking out for the things that could hurt us.

We then see her expression turn into one of complete shock. Her hands slowly start to shake as they come to her face and she begins to scream a silent scream.

We then hear a voice say:

But we’re not as good at looking out for the things that we could hurt.

We slowly pull a little wider to see people gathering around something beside her car. Through the group of people, we see a motorcycle on its side.

We then see the words,Driver think rider. Rider think driver. and finish on the TAC and Towards Zero logos.

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Driver think rider. Rider think driver

Too many motorcycle riders are dying or being seriously injured on our roads - and it is the responsibility of all of us, both drivers and riders, to change this. Motorcyclists make up 1% of total road traffic, but 19% of all road user deaths. We're asking both drivers and riders to look out for each other on the road as we all work Towards Zero lives lost and serious injuries on our roads.

In 2018, close to five in ten (47%) of all motorcycle fatalities occurred in regional Victoria; while only 24% of the Victorian population lives outside of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Motorcyclist lives lost in Victoria 1987 - 2018 Melbourne metro and rural Victoria:

For explanations of accident types, please see the Crash type data page.

Motorcycle crash locations Melbourne metro vs. rural Victoria:

LocationLives lost 2018Serious injury 2017/2018
Regional Victoria18442


The 'Driver think rider. Rider think driver.' campaign aims to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries involving cars and motorcyclists on Victorian roads. The number of lives lost on Victorian roads has increased by 13% in 2016, with 20 of the 27 additional fatalities involving motorcyclists.

Drivers and riders have a shared responsibility in ensuring one and other’s safety. Here's how you can help.


  • Remain vigilant at all times and be on the lookout for motorcyclists in their vicinity.
  • Always use indicators when turning or changing lanes
  • Use mirrors and do a head check when changing lanes to make sure blind spots are all clear
  • Provide motorcyclists with sufficient room to move
  • Make eye contact or acknowledge riders so they know they’ve been seen.


  • Ensure you are visible to drivers through correct road positioning.
  • Wearing a helmet and suitable protective clothing when riding can significantly reduce the risk of serious and fatal injuries.
  • ABS braking technology could decrease the rider’s likelihood of death or serious injury by 31% (VicRoads)

For more information on motorcycles rider safety head to :

For more information on Driver think Rider, Rider think Driver click here