Alcohol Interlocks
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This commercial is a series of very quick simple scenes.

VIDEO – A calendar shows 30-Sept flipping to 1st of Oct
VO - From October 1st

VIDEO – It's morning and our character Paul, a plumber is in his mid-30s is outside his home hurrying up the kids in to the car to take them to school.
VO – If you loses their licence for drink driving…

VIDEO – close up on the alcohol interlock device mounted in the car and then a shot of Paul blowing into the interlock.  
VO - …an alcohol interlock will be fitted to any vehicle you drive.

VIDEO –Paul takes his son and daughter, walking quickly up a school path because they're late.
VO - Which means your day will involve hurrying up the kids

VIDEO –He runs the other way through shot empty handed.
VO – Hurrying up yourself

VIDEO – Close up of Paul blowing into the Interlock. As he does, a couple of teachers walks by looking at him.
VO - Blowing into the interlock

VIDEO – Paul is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic.
VO - Keeping your cool

VIDEO – The alcohol interlock beeps, he sighs in frustrations and pulls over.
VO - Pulling over

VIDEO – He blows into the interlock.
VO - blowing into the interlock

VIDEO – We see hands lifting papers on a workbench to find a phone ringing.  
VO –Looking for the phone.

VIDEO – We see his hands patting his pockets to find keys.
VO - Looking for your keys.

VIDEO – He sits with a couple of other tradies having a tea break. They say nothing.  
VO - Making small talk

VIDEO – It's after work, and he's outside his work blowing into the interlock.
VO - Blowing into the interlock

VIDEO – He's in the car park of the supermarket with a trolley full of groceries and with his wife and kids.
VO – Shopping

VIDEO – It's dark and he blows into the interlock in front of his family.
VO – Blowing into the interlock

VIDEO – He sits on the couch. Exhausted after a busy day.
VO –  The interlock's a pain. Only a little bit over? You bloody idiot.

  SUPER : TAC LOGO. Only a little bit over? You bloody idiot.

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Alcohol Interlocks

In October 2014 Victoria introduced new alcohol interlock laws.This means anyone whose licence is cancelled for drink-driving (or riding) will have an alcohol interlock fitted into any vehicle they drive (home car, work car, motorbike) once they get their licence back. And the minimum time the interlock will be in place, is six months.

Alcohol interlocks stop vehicles from being started if the driver(or rider) has been drinking. The aim of this technology is to help people separate drinking from driving and are mandatory for all drink-drivers whose licences are cancelled .

Alcohol interlocks are capable of taking photographs - this will helps identify the person who has provided the breath sample each time there is an attempt to start the vehicle. Random tests while driving are also required.

Watch this video to learn how interlocks work

Why Alcohol Interlocks?

Alcohol interlocks are proven to reduce repeat drink driving by up to 64 per cent while they are fitted.

The Victorian Alcohol Interlock Program has already prevented people affected by alcohol from driving their vehicles more than 250,000 times.

Technological advances mean that in the long-term, alcohol interlocks are likely to be a standard feature of all new vehicles in Australia. However, in the mean time, Victoria is leading the way in taking action to reduce the damage caused by drink-driving offenders.

For more information on alcohol interlocks go to the VicRoads website.

Drink driving
Drink-drivers are responsible for 25 to 30 per cent of deaths and 11 per cent of serious injuries on our roads, while repeat drink-drivers make up 20 percent of all drink-drivers detected. Thirty per cent of drink-drivers involved in fatal crashes are repeat offenders.

Visit our drink driving statistics page for more information.

Only a little bit over you bloody idiot