Buckle Up

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Buckle Up

"Buckle up before you go."

A series of animated commercials aimed at children, each centered around the Thingle Toodle character. Different aspects of how to be safe on the roads are demonstrated through jingles - weatring seatbelts, holding hands when crossing the road and "stop, look, listen".

Thingle Toodle is a road safety mascot who helps deliver life-saving road safety messages to pre-school aged children and their parents. Children are encouraged to start wearing a helmet from an early age, on their first ride.

Correct helmet fitting tips:

  • the helmet should be the correct size for the child
  • it should cover the upper part of the forehead and
  • sit level on the head

If you have young children and are interested in learning more about Thingle Toodle visit Road Safety Education Victoria.