Hold Hands

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(RAPS) ♪ Hey, Mum and Daddy
Got a message for you

♪ If you want to cross the road
you've got to know what to do

♪ You stand on the curb
and see if traffic is there

♪ And if it's all clear
then we can cross with care

♪ I said, hey!
♪ Hey!

♪ You've got to hold my hand

♪ I said, hey!
♪ Hey!

♪ Make sure you hold my hand

♪ Now, listen, all you grown-ups,
I hope you understand

♪ To cross the road with me
you've got to hold my hand

♪ To cross the road with me

♪ You've got to hold my hand
♪ Yeah! ♪

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Hold Hands

Hold My Hand

One of a series of animated ads aimed at children, each centered around the Thingle Toodle character and each showing different aspects of how to be safe on the roads through catchy jingles. The ads focus on seatbelts, holding hands when crossing the road and the "stop, look, listen" rule.

Thingle Toodle is a road safety mascot who helps deliver life-saving road safety messages to pre-school aged children and their parents. Children are encouraged to start wearing a helmet from an early age, on their first ride.

Correct helmet fitting tips:

  • the helmet should be the correct size for the child
  • it should cover the upper part of the forehead and
  • sit level on the head

If you have young children and are interested in learning more about Thingle Toodle visit Road Safety Education Victoria.