Stand by me
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When the night has come...

..and the land is dark...

..and the moon
is the only light we'll see.

No, I won't be afraid.

Oh, I won't be afraid...

..just as long as you stand...

..stand by me.

So, darling, darling...

..stand by me.

(Whistle blows)

ALL: Oh, stand.

Stand by me.

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Stand by me

Melbourne Victory players use the iconic 'Stand by Me' anthem to spread the Towards Zero road safety message of shared responsibility.

 In the ad, fans and players are shown as different types of road users around AAMI Stadium with midfielder Carl Valeri and forward Leigh Broxham are walking a pedestrian crossing, a learner driver parked at the stadium and motorcyclists with their bikes.

At the end, they are standing together.

Standing together Towards Zero

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