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Yeah. Nice one, son!

Why don’t you go and get
some lessons from your mum?

No, really.
She’s an excellent driver.

Very safe.

You could do worse than
take your lead from her, mate.

Calm, courteous,

never gets flustered –
even in heavy traffic.

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May 2010

TAC Learner Driver Ad

Fanatic was part of a campaign to encourage parents to support their children as they learn to drive. The 30 second vignettes feature a football-mad dad encouraging his son to get plenty of practice on the roads. This is the first vignette of the series and reflects the work of the TAC Cup program that encourages parents to help their children get 120 hours of quality driving practice in all conditions. 


More than 300 young drivers aged 18 – 25 have lost their lives in Victoria in the last 10 years – representing just less than one in four or 23% of drivers lives lost in Victoria in this period.

In 2018, 14% of drivers who lost their lives were aged between 18 and 25 years, with this age group only representing around 10% of Victorian licence holders.

Young Drivers lives lost (1987 – 2018)

Of the 14 young drivers who lost their lives on our roads in 2018:

  • 79% were male
  • 39% were killed in regional Victoria (73% of these were killed on 100+km/hr roads)
  • 50% were killed in single vehicle crashes
  • 75% were involved in crashes that occurred in high alcohol times