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Whoa! Son!

If you’re gonna have
a future in this game,

you gotta learn
to restrain yourself.

Wearing a properly adjusted
lap-and-shoulder seatbelt

reduces the risk of suffering
a serious or fatal injury

by 50%!

It’s probably THE most effective
road safety measure

EVER introduced!


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Learner Drivers

A reminder for learner drivers and their parents to wear seatbelts using the slogan - "If you want a future in this game you've got to learn to restrain yourself".
Parental involvement and support is crucial in helping learner drivers get their 120 hours practice. Here we see, in a light-hearted way, how parents can support their children's driving practice.


More than 300 young drivers aged 18 – 25 have lost their lives in Victoria in the last 10 years – representing just less than one in four or 23% of drivers lives lost in Victoria in this period.

In 2018, 14% of drivers who lost their lives were aged between 18 and 25 years, with this age group only representing around 10% of Victorian licence holders.

Young Drivers lives lost (1987 – 2018)

Of the 14 young drivers who lost their lives on our roads in 2018:

  • 79% were male
  • 39% were killed in regional Victoria (73% of these were killed on 100+km/hr roads)
  • 50% were killed in single vehicle crashes
  • 75% were involved in crashes that occurred in high alcohol times