Slow Ball Challenge
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In cricket,
a slow ball means control.

It means accuracy,
and it means precision.

A slow ball means changing something
to benefit your team.

So it's not just
an advantage for the cricket field.

When you slow down on the roads,
you get the same benefits.

Slowing down over summer
could save your life.

If you're
serious about slowing down,

then you can take part
in the Slow Ball Challenge.

BOTH: Get your mates involved for a
chance to win some massive prizes,

and visit our Facebook page
for all the details.


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Slow Ball Challenge


Fronted by Melbourne's two Twenty20 Big Bash teams, the Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades - the TAC Slow Ball Challenge was asking sports fans everywhere to sign up to slow down on the roads.

People could create a virtual cricket team via the Slow Ball Challenge Facebook page and winners were given their chance to play cricket on the MCG.

 Outdoor advertising accompanied the Slow Ball Campaign.

Image from Slow Ball campaign




More than 300 young drivers aged 18 – 25 have lost their lives in Victoria in the last 10 years – representing just less than one in four or 23% of drivers lives lost in Victoria in this period.

In 2018, 14% of drivers who lost their lives were aged between 18 and 25 years, with this age group only representing around 10% of Victorian licence holders.

Young Drivers lives lost (1987 – 2018)

Of the 14 young drivers who lost their lives on our roads in 2018:

  • 79% were male
  • 39% were killed in regional Victoria (73% of these were killed on 100+km/hr roads)
  • 50% were killed in single vehicle crashes
  • 75% were involved in crashes that occurred in high alcohol times