Towards Zero eLearning Module

The TAC has developed an eLearning module which is designed to help people understand what Victoria’s road safety strategy ‘Towards Zero’ is and how we can all work together to stop people from losing their lives and being seriously injured on the roads.

Towards Zero identified four factors which need to work together to keep people safe on our roads. These are: Safer Roads, Safer Speeds, Safer Vehicles and Safer People.

No one deserves to die or be seriously injured on our roads. By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe what 'Towards Zero' is
  • Identify who is involved in Towards Zero
  • Identify different road safety initiatives that are helping to reduce road trauma
  • Recognise the important role you play, and choices you can make to keep yourself and others safe on the roads.

The TAC encourages organisations, community groups and individuals to undertake the module.

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* The eLearning module requires flash to work.

The eLearning module can also be downloaded for deployment on your Learning Management System. More information on downloading the SCORM package is available