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An RSS file contains details of the latest items available within a website, it helps you keep up to date without having to check the site itself. Just click on the below link or copy and paste the feed url into your feed-reader or podcast software.

TAC combined RSS

RSS feed link TAC's combined RSS news Feed

Media releases RSS only

RSS feed link TAC's RSS news Feed

TAC blogs RSS only

RSS feed link TAC Blog RSS news Feed

New to RSS?

RSS puts you in control of the information you want delivered to your desktop. You can subscribe to RSS feeds from multiple web sites, scan through all their latest headlines in one place and directly access content of interest with a single click.

How do I use RSS?

There are many different ways to take advantage of RSS feeds:

  • as a separate desktop application
  • programs that integrate RSS with Mail Programs
  • programs that integrate with Instant Messaging
  • as part of a web based service (e.g. MyYahoo!, personalised Google homepage, MyMSN etc.)
  • Most browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari automatically support RSS, without the need to paste the feed url into a separate reader.

There are a range of different newsreaders; many of which are free to install.