Geelong Liveability and Our People

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Application & Guidelines


The aim of TAC’s Geelong Livability and Our People portfolio is to enhance the Geelong region as a better place to live and work; supporting projects and activities that help our people feel enabled, capable and energised to deliver our strategy and vision.

TAC is based in Geelong.  Our people include our employees, and those who live in Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast.

Application & Guidelines

Our priority areas for action within this portfolio are:

  • Employee volunteering and fundraising
  • Health and Wellbeing (G21 Pillar)
  • Education and Training (G21 Pillar)
  • Arts, Heritage and Culture (G21 Pillar).

How to apply

If you require a paper based application form you can download one here or email and we will send you one.

Who is eligible?

  • Applicant organisations must have an ABN
  • The activity or event must be based in Geelong or the Barwon region
  • Projects must be for the greater good of the Geelong and Barwon community
  • No individuals can apply

Please note sporting clubs are discouraged from applying for these Geelong Livability and Our People partnerships.  The TAC supports community engagement of the Towards Zero messaging through their existing partnerships with Melbourne Victory FC and TAC Cup. If you wish to obtain road safety branded merchandise for events please email

How we assess applications

Each year we receive many applications worthy of funding, more than we are able to fund.

We use a comprehensive assessment process to select the projects/events that we believe are cost effective, engaging and will be most impactful in either;

  • Enhancing the Geelong region and its characteristics as a great place to live and work.
  • Engaging our people;TAC employees, in projects and activities that build pride and contribute to them feeling enabled, capable and energised to deliver our vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on the roads.
  • Health and Wellbeing (G21 Pillar) - Improving the opportunities for increased access and uptake of physical activity and increasing community connectedness and social inclusion
  • Education and Training (G21 Pillar) - increasing educational attainment and participation rates, increasing access to education and training, and or improving the quality of educational outcomes
  • Arts, Heritage and Culture (G21 Pillar) - fostering artistic creativity, cultural leadership and involvement, as well as recognition and utilisation of our heritage assets
  • Offering an opportunity to engage community members in recognising the role they can play to keep themselves and others safe on our roads.

Feedback on applications

We will contact applicants by phone or email within 12 weeks of receiving the application.

Our decisions are final

With so many great applications, and limited funding available, decision making is challenging. We do ask, however, that you respect our final decision.

Application Form

Project Applicant details
Is the project based in Geelong *
Is this application supported by your CEO? *
Is your organisation registered for GST *
Number of employees in the organisation *
Number of fleet/company cars in the organisation *
Project Description
Which of the following Geelong Liveability and Our People action areas does your project best fit? *
Age demographic: *
How many people do you envisage will directly benefit? *
Declaration and Consent
All information is true and correct *
I agree to allow the TAC to use photos/stories from my project or event for promotional purposes.
I agree in the event of a successful application, our organisation will actively promote road safety behaviour *