Lives Back on Track Partnerships

GoalTo ensure TAC clients can get their lives back on track as quickly as possible, and feel supported and empowered at every step
StrategyDevelop partnerships which maximize the independence and improve the lives of people with road trauma injuries
Measures of successTo be the world’s leading social insurer
Client health and independence outcomes
Client experience and service

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Camps support teens with road trauma, RAW2ROAR

The TAC is currently partnering with Road Trauma Families Victoria (RTFV) to work with young people who have experienced road trauma through the RAW2ROAR camps.

The two camps offered through the program provide young people with the opportunity to meet others who are trying to cope with similar circumstances. They give them the opportunity to have fun in a safe and understanding environment and leave with new strategies for coping with their feelings, the challenges they encounter, as well as solid relationships with peers and adult mentors they can rely on for support.

This program was developed with the input of a child and adolescent psychologist, past program participants, a psychosocial support worker and an occupational therapist.

For more information about the RAW2ROAR Program contact:

Margaret Markovic
President/Education Consultant
Road Trauma Families Victoria Inc
Phone: 0412 707 623