Lives Back on Track Partnerships

GoalTo ensure TAC clients can get their lives back on track as quickly as possible, and feel supported and empowered at every step
StrategyDevelop partnerships which maximize the independence and improve the lives of people with road trauma injuries
Measures of successTo be the world’s leading social insurer
Client health and independence outcomes
Client experience and service

Application criteria

When assessing a partnership application, the TAC will consider the overall benefits as well as how closely its business objectives can be met.

The following should be provided to ensure applications are considered:

  • Objectives and key values of the organisation requesting partnership
  • Details about the length of time the organisation has been in operation, history and long-term goals
  • A clearly defined target audience and expected numbers of participants or people who will be reached through the proposed partnership program
  • Details of expected outcomes of the partnership
  • Details of how the partnership will add value to the TAC's objectives
  • Details of how the organisation plans to launch, advertise and promote the partnership
  • Duration of the proposed partnership (start and finish dates)
  • Implementation timelines and locations of activities
  • Evaluation method for measuring the impact and success of the partnership
  • Value of support required for the partnership including leverage funds (and what the funds will predominantly be used for)
  • A full list of the organisation’s current or previous partners (if any)
  • Details of how the organisation will manage the partnership
  • The organisation’s contact details.
The TAC’s partnerships exclude:
  • Individuals or unincorporated organisations
  • Direct client services
  • Seed funding, or commissioning of third party commercial activity
  • Infrastructure costs e.g. staffing or equipment, capital works or building projects, aid and equipment, travel and transport and on-going administrative costs
  • Political and religious organisations, direct gambling, gaming or betting events, organisations linked to tobacco, illegal drugs or alcohol

When the TAC works with our partners, it does so collaboratively. This is achieved with the help of a dedicated partnership team, which works closely with its partners.

How to submit your application

If you believe your proposal fits within the strategic priority of our Towards Zero partnerships please forward to:

Partnership Manager
Transport Accident Commission
60 Brougham Street

email attention to the Partnership Manager.

or our Live’s Back on Track partnerships, please forward it to:

Manager, Stakeholder Communications
Transport Accident Commission
60 Brougham Street

or email

If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities please call 1300 654 329 or STD Toll free 1800 332 556 and ask for the Partnership Manager.

The TAC will endeavour to advise you within twelve weeks of receipt of your proposal on the status of your application.

Please note that the TAC reviews these guidelines on a regular basis and may undertake amendments after these reviews.